Parental Guidance

The significant role of parents in their children’s academic careers should be addressed. Therefore, Tutor Connect also designed a special parental guidance section aligned with various tools. This initiative will guide parents in supporting their children in effective learning. Please take a look at our significant steps in this scenario for the UK parent guide for teenagers.

Tutor Connect provides detailed reports of parental guidance and analytics about each individual. These real-time approaches help monitor the improvement areas, and parents can appreciate their children’s achievements. Student’s milestones toward success will be reported to their parents. Our tutors are also cooperative with parents and available to answer their concerns. Parents can access their tailored tutor with a single message and discuss their child’s needs and goals. We offer a flexible schedule to book and design an accessible schedule for learning.

Parents can set and reschedule the learning sessions according to their family routine. We also have customised learning plans to help match your child’s learning skills and goal setting. Session reports are available on request to track your child’s progress and we have a dedicated Education Consultant who can attend matters anytime you need. If there is the off chance that the tutor isn’t the right fit for your child, you can discuss this with the Education Consultant rather than dealing with the tutor yourself and they will be able to replace the tutor if needed.

All your child’s intimate information will be in secure hands. Our online sessions are end-to-end encrypted, so there is no hassle of network security. Parental Guidance can help ensure children are set up online or in-home beforehand with the necessary tools to ensure a timely and efficient start to the sessions. Helping to ensure homework is completed on time and checking progress can also be assisted by parents, although we understand that you have busy lives too so just ask out tutors if you need further assistance and support.