What is the 11 + exam?

The 11 Plus exam is a test for grammar and independent schools, that’s taken by children in England before they finish their final year in primary school (year 6). The 11 Plus exam is designed to determine a child’s suitability for grammar schools or other selective schools.

11 Plus can include a selection of 4 subjects: 11 Plus Maths, 11 Plus English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning exams.

Tutor-Connect’s 11 Plus tutors are qualified and experienced in the education requirements of the 11 Plus exams. This course aims to prepare the child for independent and grammar schools and covers all the necessary topics. Our course specialises in all exam boards and schools.

Why Choose Our 11 Plus Tutors?

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our tutors are equipped to cover all core subjects to ensure success in 11 Plus:

  • Mathematics: All areas of the exams topics, from problem-solving to arithmetic, geometry to syllabus analysis.
  • English: Learn explicit vocabulary and creative writing style. Expand your comprehension through critical discussion.
  • Verbal Reasoning: understanding and reasoning using concepts framed in words – it aims at evaluating the ability to think constructively rather than just recognise vocabulary. 
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning: Develop pattern recognition with knowing spatial awareness. Master in spotting the difference and learning the rules of shape-changing.

Experienced teachers

Our dedicated team of tutors are subject specialists and offer 1-2-1 tutoring since it’s the most beneficial way of learning and improves a child’s chance of success by 90%.

Small Group Sessions

Our group sessions are also small in size. Each child gets personal attention from the tutor. Their questions are answered elaborately, and each problem is solved attentively. This is a more cost effective way of learning for those that are looking for a cheaper alternative.

When to start tutoring

Given how difficult the 11+ exams are, Its best to start the 11+ learning as soon as you can. More and more parents are starting in year 3 and allowing their child to gradually cover gaps, solidify foundations and improve on their learning to eventually become faster and better at the papers once they’re ready for exa

Summer school

During the summer before the exams, we hold 11+ classes for all the current year 5s. They have the chance to sit timed mock exams and get feedback to ensure they improve before trying again. This ensures the child is familiar with an exam setting and also gets to see what and how they will be assessed on the day including what the papers and answer sheets will look like.


Get in touch with us today and our Education Consultant will help with a free consultation and assessment to see how we can help your child pass their desired schools entrance exam.

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