Reading Classes for Kids

In today’s digital world, screens have become necessary for every child. Now, teaching the children through entertaining activities is not challenging. Tutor-Connect is here to make your child’s learning journey extraordinary. Our reading classes will introduce new learning skills, broaden their vocabulary, and spark their imagination.

Why Choose Our Reading Classes?

Engaging Curriculum: Our curriculum is prepared precisely and lavished with engaging activities to make it attractive for kids. We established an extensive range of reading materials. From picture books to intriguing novels, all are crafted by experts.

Experienced Tutors: Our trained and dedicated tutors are live guides. With a passion for teaching, they conduct detailed discussions, solve complicated riddles of queries, and read keenly.

Small Group Sessions: Get personalized attention with our minimum size of groups where each child gets instructions according to needs. Whether analyzing the lesson or word complications, no problem goes unattended.

Interactive Learning: From creating the story imagination to creative writing sessions, we infuse learning with interaction. Kids make their narratives by analyzing the characters.

What Kids Will Learn

Comprehension Skills

By delving into character development and learning context, kids can make connections that enhance their comprehension ability.

Vocabulary Expansion

Children expand their vocabulary through text diversity and can put it into full impact. They get a firm command of language, from powerful verbs to appealing adjectives.

Critical Thinking

Our classes encourage kids to adopt essential approaches. Themes, underlying messages, and moral lessons are dissected in detail.

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