Online Maths Tutors

Tutor-Connect offers online Maths tuition tailored around each child’s needs. Whether it’s for primary, 11+, GCSE or college, we can help. We have tutors that cover all ages and specialise in teaching 1-2-1.

Why Choose Our Online Maths Tuition?

Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage: Our online maths tuition covers a wide range of curriculums:

Key Stage 1 & 2 (KS1/2): Our primary maths tutors can help your child to understand basic maths concepts and prepare them for Sats/11+. The tutors will equip your child with basic numeracy skills and create a strong foundation in maths that will take them into high school.
KS3 & GCSE: A pass in maths is essential for the next stage of your child’s education and is also a prerequisite for any non-educational path they may choose. Maths can be a difficult subject to grasp, especially in a class setting, which is why it’s good to get help from a tutor. Our tutors can help break down topics and make them more digestible as well as gain confidence in the subject and in class. All exam boards at GCSE are covered as well as exam preparation and technique.
A-levels: If you are looking for an experienced A level maths tutor, then Tutor Connect can help. It is important to choose a tutor that is experienced in teaching maths at A level, as this level of maths can be challenging and require more in-depth teaching. With online tutoring, you can find a tutor who is knowledgeable in the topics you need help with and make sure that they provide a tailored approach to helping you learn and understand the concept.

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