The initial step in getting started with our tutoring services is to complete the form on our home page. Once you’ve submitted the form, a member of our team will promptly reach out to you to coordinate a mutually convenient time for an introductory meeting. During this meeting, we will discuss your specific needs, objectives, and preferences to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible educational support. We look forward to connecting with you and embarking on this educational journey together.

Our dedicated Education Consultant will arrange a meeting with you and your child to initiate the process of understanding your educational objectives. During this meeting, for primary-age students, the Education Consultant will conduct a thorough assessment to identify any learning gaps or specific areas that require focus.

To facilitate this assessment effectively, it’s beneficial to have any relevant textbooks or previous schoolwork on hand. This material can provide valuable insights into the child’s current level of proficiency and help guide the educational plan.

In addition to the assessment, our Education Consultant will engage in a detailed discussion with you and your child to establish clear and achievable goals. This step is crucial in tailoring our tutoring services to meet your specific needs.

Furthermore, during this meeting, the Education Consultant will provide transparent information about the pricing structure for our tutoring services, whether you choose in-home or online tutoring. We believe in clear communication and ensuring that you have a complete understanding of the services we offer, there associated costs, and how they align with your educational objectives.

Our ultimate aim is to work collaboratively with you and your child to create a well-defined and effective educational plan that supports your goals and sets the stage for academic success.

Following the initial consultation, we typically allocate a period of 1-2 weeks to carefully match a suitable tutor with your specific needs and requirements. This timeframe allows us to conduct a thorough assessment of the information gathered during the consultation and identify the ideal tutor who possesses the relevant expertise and teaching style to best support your educational goals.

Our meticulous matching process is designed to ensure a harmonious and effective tutor-student partnership. We take into consideration not only subject matter expertise but also factors such as teaching methodology, personality, and the unique needs of the student.

By dedicating this time to the matching process, we aim to provide you with the most compatible tutor who can help your child succeed academically and achieve their educational objectives. Your satisfaction and your child’s progress are our top priorities.

While we make every effort to ensure that our initial tutor match aligns perfectly with your specific needs and preferences, we understand that circumstances can change, and you may wish to make adjustments. If you ever find that you would like to change your tutor for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our commitment to your satisfaction and your child’s educational progress remains unwavering. We are here to accommodate your requests and will work diligently to arrange for another suitable tutor who better fits your current requirements. Your comfort and confidence in our tutoring services are of paramount importance to us, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your educational journey is as smooth and effective as possible. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time, and we will be more than happy to assist you in making the necessary changes.

Certainly, if you find it beneficial to have additional homework assignments to reinforce your learning, please communicate this preference to your tutor. Our tutors are committed to providing a customised learning experience that aligns with your needs and objectives. By informing your tutor of your homework request in advance, they can plan and prepare relevant assignments to enhance your understanding of the subject matter and support your educational progress. Open communication with your tutor is key to tailoring the tutoring sessions to your specific requirements and maximizing the benefits of your educational journey.

By collecting and collating all the necessary student information during the free consultation, our tutors can hit the ground running during the first session. This means that there’s no need for redundant introductions or reiteration of information, saving both the student’s and the tutor’s valuable time.

Efficiency and personalised support are key elements of our tutoring services, and this method allows us to provide targeted and effective instruction from the very beginning. It’s a testament to our commitment to delivering a high-quality educational experience that maximises learning time and minimises administrative overhead. Your convenience and the optimisation of your educational journey are at the forefront of our approach.